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The law provides for two additional matrimonial property regimes: community of property and property segregation. In the property community, the entire estate of both spouses, ie what they have earned before and during the marriage, is basically merged into a wealth of property, the so-called general estate. However, it can be agreed in the marriage contract that individual objects remain the sole property of a spouse, this is referred to as reserved property. Here are some special features to consider that may arise in particular from the heritage; to address them here, however, would go beyond the scope of an introduction. To ensure your assets and property stay yours, hire a prenuptial agreement lawyer.

The separation of property is the opposite of the community of property. The assets of the two spouses, which are worked out before and during marriage, are always kept separate except for the assets and property common to the spouses, such as the marriage dwelling; This will of course be split in case of a divorce.

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