The best pedestrian accident attorney

Pedestrians should feel safe when walking across or near the roads but thousands of pedestrians die daily after being struck by reckless motor vehicles. One of the ways to improve the safety of pedestrians when using the roads is to hold the negligent drivers accountable if their recklessness causes injury to a pedestrian.

Unfortunately, this rarely happens since after a pedestrian accident, the attention of the victim is diverted to his or her health and recovery which makes them to face the pressure of employers, insurance companies and creditors.

At Benson, Bertoldo, Baker & Carter, they understand that beyond the health struggle pedestrian accident also impacts ones financial and emotional status. They have helped thousands of victims and fully understand the challenges faced. They are a reputable personal injury law firm in Las Vegas.

Their expert pedestrian accident lawyers work tirelessly to maximize your financial reward as well as help reduce the stress during the recovery process. They listen investigate then come up with the best solution that will improve your life including obtaining the payments or a deferral of all your debts until the case is resolved.


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