Spousal Support Attorney in Los Angeles, California

Spousal support is a very interesting matter in California. They actually have two different types of spousal support that can come into play temporary and permanent. Temporary is smaller payments given to the spouse while the divorce is still being finalized then once it has been finalized the permanent spousal support takes over. You will need to hire a spousal support attorney Los Angeles to ensure that you are getting the proper financial means. The whole point of spousal support is for both spouses to live their lives in the same manner and lifestyle as when they were married. It is to protect both of the people in the divorce.


Make sure you and your rights are protected by hiring a Los Angeles family law firm Whitmarsh Family Law, PC to assist you in your spousal support case. They have some of the best Los Angeles spousal support attorneys who can walk you through the entire process. There are many divorce cases where one of the spouses was a stay at home parent, or just didn’t have a job because the other’s income was enough to support both of them. Spousal support is for them, because they probably do not have much money of their own that they would be able to live off of.

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