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Why do I need a Prenuptial agreement? Many modern couples are already preoccupied with the idea of ?how to break up peacefully in the worst case. Especially for this situation, a marriage contract regulates many things in advance, so that later disputes are avoided. In case of cases, Allocation of goods, maintenance or pension claims and arrangements for profit-sharing agreed. A Prenuptial Agreement is an agreement that can decisively contribute to a fair settlement in the event of a dispute. Even if such a contract may be regarded as unromantic, especially in the period before marriage, it is absolutely recommended to avoid conflicts. How is a Prenuptial Agreement concluded in Smoak Law, P.C.? First, it is determined what is to be regulated in the marriage contract. For this, we can make you concrete suggestions. There are a number of issues that typically lead to disputes in the event of separation. These are well known, in particular, to lawyers of a prenuptial agreement law firm in Park City specializing in family law.

The individual points are then discussed with the lawyer. In particular, the lawyer checks whether the design requirements are in conformity with the law. This is an important point, as errors in the contract can lead to the nullity of the entire agreement.

Once the individual points have been settled to the satisfaction of the spouse and legally secured in a contract, the marriage contract is notarized. Most agreements that are commonly found in marriage contracts are effective only with notarial certification. The notary is obliged to review the content once again on the advantages and disadvantages that the individual partners incur. Smaok Law, P.C. are a family law firm loacted in Park City.

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