Personal Injury due to Elderly Abuse.

An elderly person is considered someone who is 65 years old and above. They can be abused either physically or financially. Personal injury of the elderly is under the category of physical abuse. Elder abuse claim is simply one of the serious and powerful claim which a plaintiff can presented in a law Court. Dwyer Williams Potter LLP is one of the competent local firms in Portland which is dedicated in dealing with claims related to elder abuse.

There are laws governing specific forms of abuse. An abuse which results to body injury or personal injury of an elder person is penalized greatly in a county jail for a period not exceeding one year. Dwyer Williams Potter Attorneys LLP firm ensures that it protects the rights of the elders against any abuse and also ensures that a criminal prosecution is granted. Many elder persons have encountered personal injuries through abuse yet only a few have been reported. Our firm ensures that the elders are relieved of the attorney fee. Under the Oregon statue in portland, Dwyer Williams Potter Attorneys LLP firm triples any damages or injury to the elderly to ensure punishment of the offender. In case an elder person under your care has been abused physically,visit the website for help.

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