Paternity Lawyer in Los Angeles

What is the job of a paternity lawyer in Los Angeles?


The job of a paternity lawyer is to help clients establish, modify, or enforce legal rights and responsibilities regarding the parent-child relationship. This includes helping clients legally determine the biological father, and establishing the rights of said father to visitation or custody. Paternity lawyers also can assist with child support agreements between parents, or in cases where one parent is not the biological father.


Paternity lawyers can also help clients modify existing custody or visitation orders, as well as enforce legal responsibilities when one parent refuses to abide by a court order. In short, paternity lawyers are dedicated to helping parents and children have their rights legally recognized and enforced. With experience in family law, they understand the complexities of these cases and strive to find the best possible outcome for their clients. Therefore, should you need assistance in establishing or modifying your rights as a parent, it is essential that you seek the help of a qualified Los Angeles paternity lawyer. They will provide invaluable guidance during this important process.


In some cases, a paternity lawyer may also work with non-parents who are looking to establish their rights as guardians of a minor. In these cases, the lawyer will help prove that the person has acted as a de facto parent to the child and can provide assistance in filing for legal guardianship or adoption. Contact Whitmarsh Family Law, P.C. a family law firm in Los Angeles to get assistance in your paternity case. Ultimately, they are an invaluable advocate for their clients, helping them secure both their rights and the best interests of the child.

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