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If you receive a summons to the police interrogation, the following applies:

  • Do not go to the appointment! There is no obligation to appear and tell the police!
  • Do not even call and cancel the appointment! You are involved in a conversation, this is a file note made about the contents of which you have no control!
  • Call immediately and only with a defense attorney! He will reassure you and discuss the next steps with you.

2. Nothing else applies to a home search:

  • Again, silence is gold! One can not and may not blame you for the silence later, but it is possible to write thoughtless comments! As a rule, the search will leave you completely passive!
  • Family members are to isolate immediately! You have a right to refuse to give evidence or if you would incriminate yourself, a right to decline!
  • Do not sign anything!
  • Oppose everything!
  • Add a neutral witness who watches everything and makes notes!
  • All confiscated items must be listed in a search warrant. You also do not sign this!
  • Call a defense lawyer immediately and tell him what the police are looking for and if any chance finds are feared! Of course without the presence of police officers!

3. Especially in the case of an arrest, you should not try to escape the pressure situation by engaging in a hearing without legal assistance:

  • Immediate contact with a defense lawyer! For this, you always have the right and always!
  • Personal details (ie name, date of birth, etc.) you have to do, as soon as you say more, it is already an indication of the matter!
  • Carefully trap! Occasionally, interrogators superficially accept your right to remain silent, also mentioning it on the interrogation record, but casually outside of the official interrogation, questions are then asked that are fully usable at your expense.
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