Bitten by a Dog in Las Vegas?

One thing that people do not tend to think about after they have been bitten by a dog is the long term affects. When you are bitten by a dog depending on where you are bitten, kind of depends on how much more severe the injury can be. If you are bitten in the arm it can break the skin and cause an infection. If you are bitten in your hand it can cause some major long term damage to all the tendons and ligaments in your hand, as well as cause infections. Your Las Vegas dog bite lawyer can help you build a case against the owner of the dog, in order to help you pay for current and future medical bills attached to this dog bite.


In Las Vegas many people have dogs as pets. If dogs are not looked after properly they can be destructive of your house or even to people. The power behind a dog’s jaw can cause some horrible injuries. Find the best lawyer for your dog bite case from Bertoldo, Baker, Carter & Smith a Las Vegas personal injury law firm. Children are the ones who tend to be bitten by dogs more frequently than adults. This can cause trauma and make them afraid of dogs for their whole lives.

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