a Fiduciary Litigation Attorney in Los Angeles

A Los Angeles fiduciary litigation lawyer is there to help in disputes regarding the will, trust, or the estate. This lawyer will be able to help the people in the trust who are having the dispute come to the best legal agreement laid out in the trust. If it was not laid out in the trust, then the Los Angeles lawyer will those in the dispute reach a civil agreement. He fiduciary is the person who is in a position within the trust to be responsible for someone else. They by law have to act with the best interest of the other person.


Valerie F. Horn & Associates a business law firm in Los Angeles, took the extra years of work and experience to become truly versed in fiduciary litigation law. They wanted to be sure that they were helping their clients to their fullest potential. They understand how severe a fiduciary breach case can be and want to ensure they are taking the case head on. They want to ensure that the people in the case are represented evenly and with the upmost of the law.

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